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February 07 2018










the joker isn’t harley quinn’s love interest he’s her origin story


Originally posted by smooshywrites




Okay, okay, so short version:

Joker seduced Harley while he was in Arkham and she was his psychologist. He did so by manipulating sessions to make him seem pitiable.

Harley broke Joker out. Joker was originally going to kill her then, but fans had latched onto Harley Quinn’s new look and she was a fan favorite (mind you as I recall, she was originally introduced in BTAS, and then transferred to the comics later). So she ended up surviving his first murder attempt.

He decided that although annoying she could still be useful (since she’s actually brilliant, and at this point somewhat codependent). This leads to a string of horrific abuses and murder attempts. Including (in the TV show alone) throwing her through a window that is at *least* three stories up, choking her, beating her with a hammer, threatening her with one of his gag guns (which, depending on the gun, may or may not kill her in various ways), and attempting to get hyenas to eat her.

In the comics, it includes starving her, chaining her to a wall in a sewer on top of corpses of “failed Harleys,” poisoning her, leaving her in burning buildings, pushing her into the line of police fire, gaslighting her basically every time he fails to kill her, and the list goes on. When she becomes pregnant with her and Joker’s kid, she leaves for nine months, to her sister’s place, and gives birth there. She doesn’t tell Joker about the kid (and goes out of her way to prevent Joker from finding out). She tells Canary that it’s because Mr. J would be too busy for a kid, but if you pay attention to Harley’s behavior throughout the comic, the clear subtext is “My kid would end up dead or worse if Joker knew about her.”

Additionally, post break up, she notes he was abusive, says it wasn’t love, it was manipulation, and frequently describes it as the worst part of her life.

I’m no expert but I remember one more thing… she said he never noticed she was gone for those 9 months.


This is why couples are creepy as fuck for dressing up as Harley and the joker and why people are especially fucked up for thinking the relationship they had in suicide squad was “goals”



my friends sister was telling me about how in highschool a guy tried to take a picture up her skirt as she was walking up stairs and she saw, grabbed his phone, broke it in half, and handed it back to him and said “you can tell your mom why your phones broken”

for a second I forgot about flip phones and I was like how in the holy hell did she rip a phone in half

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a gallon of milk but with this kind of cap:

quick suggestion

let me raise you an idea ive been keeping for years, just for this moment

The unholy trinity.

only the finest culinary experiences for my followers


like okay i know astrology is fake but it’s real

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Ryan Reynolds is officially my favorite person


not that quentin tarantino was about shit anyway but the fact that he knew about harvey weinstein assaulting all of these women before he was exposed and continued to be his friend and benefit from his own silence for a whole 25 yrs? he and all of his “strong female protagonists” can choke

February 06 2018

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In a world were cumberbatch, adam driver, eddie resmayne, and anson elgort exist they used Rami???

The obvious choice is Adam Driver though???? Rami ain’t cute but ugly???? Disrespectful

We all know why they picked rami and not any of the countless ugly actors. It’s because he’s an African brown man and not white




Honestly I am e n d l e s s l y tired of fuckboys complaining about how all this cracking down on sexual harassment and all these female directors and reboots and superheroes are “ruining movies and Hollywood for men.”

Want to know what has been “ruined” for women?! 


Night time, bars, college campuses, getting dressed up, employment, public transportation, porn, going literally anywhere alone, the entire state of Michigan. 

Seriously… EVE. RY. THING.  

There is literally even A SONG ABOUT IT NOW!!!

My mom just called me about how my little sister was almost kidnapped while having lunch at a Wendy’s after her math team competition. My baby sister is 13 years old.

I read Facebook posts about women being followed around grocery stores and the mall.

I hate men.

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One day I hope I am the girl that walks into a room and all eyes are on her. 

The trick is to get a really big hat and then scream




Lap cat.

I LOVE this fat dude.

Large and in charge

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This campaign defies censorship in social media to raise awareness for early detection of breast cancer

this is actually super fucking smartass of them

Reblogging as this is so important everyone! My mum had breast cancer and that shit is not nice so please check yourself ladies and gents! 💕💕💕

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This is not normal. Never accept it as “just the way things are now.”

this is not normal
never accept it as “just
the way things are now

^Haiku^bot^8. I detect haikus with 5-7-5 format. Sometimes I make mistakes.

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Oh, you have to see the final product: 

And that glorious woman even wrote the whole process here: http://www.laramiserrano.com/industrial-desk-diy/

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Eight Ways to Divide Finland [1418x1418] [OC]



I just wanna say good morning to whomever made.

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There is nothing this man can’t do!

Did u guys know that Terry Crews – who grew up in Flint, Mich., and earned an arts scholarship to Interlochen before his full ride as a college football player  – just launched a contemporary furniture line?


Terry loves clean silhouettes and trying new stuff.

If I can shake four grand out of the couch I’m getting that Lilypad Chair.



please remember that in a healthy, adult relationship (romantic or not), you should be able to talk about things that are bothering you. if you are bottling up your emotions and holding it against someone when you haven’t told them what is wrong, you’re not engaging in healthy behaviour. but also, if your friend/significant other makes you feel as though you can’t talk about what bothers you- i.e. has made you feel guilty/gotten extraordinarily angry when things were brought up in the past- they are not engaging in healthy behaviour.










Anyway, if you read marriage certificates from church records, a full 85% of first marriages for young women were around 18-19 years old. The rest skewed higher, into the early twenties, with only a few being below that age and only one in a thousand was younger than 16. 

The age of puberty has declined over the centuries as girls get better nutrition, as well, so throughout the middle ages the age at which a girl could expect her first period was around 16, where modern girls often get it much younger. 

The idea that women in earlier ages were married and mothers in their early teens is a myth. Marriages of children were usually only between noble families, and made for political reasons, or creepy old bastards who wanted a child-wife and could get away with it because they were rich and powerful. They often would point to the fact that the Roman elite did the same thing as justification. The Romans, of course, would point to the Greeks doing the same thing as justification, the Greeks pointed at the Assyrians, and so on back through the ages. 

It was considered disgusting by normal people then and still is. 

This myth is still brought out and touted by sick fuckers. Know it for what it is; a falsehood. 

And EVEN among the nobility marriages at such a young age were a much rarer occasion than those apologists would make you believe.

Let’s look an an egregious example, Henry the bloody VIII:

First marriage:

He was 18, Katharine of Aragon was 23.

Second marriage:

He was 40/41, Anne Boleyn, depending on which theory you believe, was anywhere between 24 to 32.

Third marriage:

He was 44, Jane Seymour was 28.

Fourth marriage:

He was 48, Anne of Cleves was 25

Fifth marriage:

He was 48, Catherine Howard, depending on which source you believe, was between 17-22. And yes, people at the time actually were squicked out by this age difference. And rightly so.

Sixth marriage:

He was 51, Catherine Parr was 31. 

Even the most notorious LECHER and WIFE MURDERER in history did not marry teenagers in at least 5 if not 6 out of 6 marriages. 

And here’s another Tudor tidbit, both Henry VII and VIII knew how traumatic and damaging it is for women marrying/having children too young. Henry VII’s mother was married at 12 and gave birth to Henry VII at 13. It caused so much damage and trauma that she never had another child after him despite being married three times.

So yes CUT THAT SHIT OUT. Teenage girls are NOT adults and anyone preying on them is pure evil.



And as for the marriage of Elizabeth Woodville to King Edward IV, she was 27 at the time. He? Was 22. 

She had been married before, and did marry young…at the age of sixteen or seventeen, to Sir John Gray, who was about five years her senior. 

@systlin This is good information, but do you have a source for the information about how most marriages back in the day were not actually usually from a younger age? I tried Googling it but I can only find things talking about modern day issues.

Well, if you don’t want to spend months crawling through digitized copies of marriage records preserved in church archives from the 12th through 18th centuries from England, Italy, Germany, France, ect (which you can do, and it will show you I’m right) you can go read  “ Medieval Households” by David Herlihy, Harvard University Press, 1985. He did the archive crawling for you. 

Also  Peter Laslett’s book “The World We Have Lost”, where he details over a thousand marriage certificates, and he dug through many more in the writing of the work. 

Wait. I am spanish. Do they actually think henry/enrique VII married fucking katherin/catalina de Aragón as a teenager?

You know we see films about this in school and every one is pretty much adult there, both fisically and in the story.

There’s this…really weird trend in a lot of pseudo-European fantasy/ ‘historical’ books to have girls marry like…really young, to vastly older dudes. Like at about 13, getting married off to like 30 year olds. And then say “Well that’s what it was like back then.” 

(Sideyes G.R.R.M)

And…no. No it wasn’t. That’s gross. England was creeped TF out when Henry VIII married Catherine Howard when she was between 17 and 22 and he was 48 as stated above, and rightly so. 

There are lines in Romeo and Juliet explicitly stating that Juliet is too young to get married (at age 13). True, the speaker later goes back on that and tries to force her to marry, but the sentiment is expressed that THIS IS NOT NORMAL.

And yet the number of people I head saying the play is romantic because “that’s just how things were” is staggering.

Yeah, you’re supposed to be horrified that all the adults around her are either actively forcing her into marrying Paris or shrugging and going with it, you’re supposed to go “NO THE FUCK THEY’RE NOT” when that “younger than she are happy mothers made” line comes. Her rebelling against this is not a sign that she’s a ~~stupid willful teenager or whatever.

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