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October 10 2017


For all the “well cars kill more people than guns, why don’t we take away cars?” people: cars are insanely regulated. You need to take multi-part tests to get a driver’s license, which needs to be renewed. They have to be registered, insured, and inspected yearly by law. The police can take away your driver’s license if you misuse your car. Manufacturers have to adhere to a litany of regulations and pass a hundred tests for safety and quality before being allowed to sell them. Your car can be repossessed for any number of infractions. I would be thrilled if we treated guns like cars.




When you’re teaching vulnerable kids social skills, it’s important to tell the truth.

They need skills for living in the world as it is, not as you would like it to be.

For instance: If you teach them to walk away from bullies, you have to tell them that sometimes bullies will follow them.

If you teach them to tell an adult, you have to teach them that sometimes the adult won’t care, or will take the bully’s side, or will tell them to stop tattling.

If you teach them to say “That hurts my feelings!”, you have to teach them that some bullies will laugh at them.

If you don’t teach kids that, when those things happen, they will think it is their fault. Or they will think that you don’t care. Either way, they’re not likely to be able to come to you for further support.

It’s much better to admit that your answers are imperfect. It’s much better to admit when you don’t know how to help. It’s much better if you can listen.

Sometimes the best thing you can say is “I’m sorry that people are being so mean to you. Do you want to talk about it?“ 

This is great.

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Proud to see this

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This is ….so true?



if i don’t talk to myself who will



How dare liberals ask themselves “what would Jesus do?” and then actually do it.

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A purpose of human life, no matter who is controlling it, is to love whoever is around to be loved.
Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan
(via wordsnquotes)


“Swearing is unattractive” I’m not attractive anyway so fuck off

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Nazi furries are like black klansmen. If furries were around in 1930-40’s Germany they would have been killed off just the same as every other group the nazis hated.


y'know what rly lights up ya insides? when someone is laughing and they just look at you and say “i love you” or “you’re so cute” b/c y'know they just feel it so much in that moment they can’t help but say it

Mexico slaps Trump in face by offering aid to Puerto Rico after his disastrous visit





But But But

I thought all mexicans were just drug dealers!


It’s almost like everything Donald Trump says are the blatant lies of a racist, incestuous little piss-guzzling coke fiend who you can’t trust to tell you the time of day

I know, right?? 😮


And all of this is AFTER their own country got torn to shit and Dumpsterfire didn’t even have the decency to say “how awful”.

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Republicans have a separate set of rules for themselves.

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fuck. when i first saw this image i literally thought it was real. i thought someone put that together. someone said “did i save this image or did this image save me” about bill gates with the xbox controller and a burger. i didn’t question it. the weirdness of it made sense. but this is a bot generated post. it’s a template and a filler content shoved together by a computer program. and i didn’t question it at all.

which sort of proves that Ironic Memes™ are bankrupt now because they can be fully automated by 100% random chance and that the desires, emotions, and impulses we put behind them are worthless and bankrupt

ok but this is the real turing test

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Battle Royale (2000), dir. Kinji Fukasaku

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Twitter Account Pairs Cat Pics With Metal Lyrics And It’s Just Perfect

By Black Metal Cats - Via Bored Panda

The Bad Guys of your campaign


Today a customer at self-checkout was having trouble with her avocadoes and I came over and told her the machine needed her to input how many she had because we charge avocadoes by amount and not by weight. And this woman turned to me, angrier than a woman just buying some produce at 7 am should be and said “I SHOULDN’T BE EXPECTED TO KNOW HOW MANY THERE ARE”. Like I didn’t even have anything to say in response to that, I just sort of apologized and looked in her damn bag and typed in the amount for her.

She had two whole, entire avocadoes by the way.

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None of this is wrong.

@unwinthehart When times were simpler, purer and we all had to deny one thing…

They’re testing us.

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